Kat’s Interview


1. Why the name Kosmic Kat?

  • Fun fact: I didn't give myself this name. Originally, I had the name Karnova, which was also given to me based on my personality and my love for outer space. I was often called Kara and later advised to change my name so that it actually had Kat in it. So when it came time to change my name I wanted to keep the cosmic theme and the newest suggestion was Kosmic Kat. It fits me more because I'm just extraterrestrial. 

2. What kind of content do you currently make?

  • Well currently I make content for both spectrums of creativity that are genuine passions. I create content for a variety of games as well as innovative makeup looks.  

3. Do you prefer one over the other? Or is there a balance?

  • As far as preference, I do love the artistic side of makeup, given I have more creative freedom. As far as balance, I love to include both within my streams because I am not just one-dimensional. I see myself as a person who loves gaming and makeup for both the art styles that they are.

4. Do you see yourself branching out or expanding on your current endeavors?

  • Certainly, I want to take the Kosmic Essential brand to a level that inspires anyone to adventure into the cosmetic field. I want this brand to be very inclusive of all people across various walks of life. Weather it be a range of colors, hues, tints that compliment your skin type. I want anyone to feel comfortable with buying from the brand.  

5. Explain your current brand?

  • Well my current brand is Kosmic Essentials. It is a brand that I have been contemplating about for some years now. I made the brand in order to highlight the focal point of the cosmetic side of me. I have had a long journey with makeup and a deep love for it but I needed to explore what practices were most sincere to me. I felt like I wasn't capitalizing on my potential and using my skills to its full capacity. People would always recommend that I do videos on my innovative ideas and perspective towards brands or looks. However, I ultimately and genuinely felt like that wasn’t enough and challenged myself to transform my thoughts and beliefs into a product line. I wanted to do more, be more, and with this brand I feel like I can really reach and help people in the way that my heart knows is best.

6. What was your motivation?

  • This is another fun fact, there is a very notable, black, woman, makeup guru/ Youtuber whose name is Jackie Aina. She inspired me so much and was so impactful on my creative mind that I would sit up for hours just watching her videos. She is an amazing content creator who would go through continuous adversity but was just unapologetically strong. She stood up for the rights for people of color, varying from the casual consumers to the professional MUA all over the world. She knew that there was disparity in the makeup market for deeper tones, such as herself and representation matters. Makeup should be accessible and inclusive to anyone. At the time I wasn't in touch with my makeup side so I wanted to be that person for the gamers. As the years went by I wanted to be able to stand up next to her and proudly advocate others and reflect the same confidence.

7. What does Kosmic Essentials mean to you?

  • Kosmic Essentials is the brand that I want everyone to look forward to being a part of. The brand that I always wanted to find when I started my makeup journey. It is the brand I can see becoming extraordinary. It will be accessible, inclusive, and incredible. I want to watch this brand grow and go places that can touch everyones heart and be desired by all.

8. We Know about your current products but what are your future products?

  • My future products that I am looking forward to introducing to the Kosmic family. Would be expanding the product line to include the male audiences needs - male friendly items. I hope to do research and take direct feedback on their needs. I also want to get in touch with skin care. I have a lot of friends and family who aren’t too familiar with their skin type or skin routines that address their needs. I know that I've been looking into skin care for some time now that I feel this brand would be able to benefit them. Honestly, in my head the sky's the limit. 

9. Is there a career path outside of this brand you would like to get into it?

  • Yes! I want to become an esthetician. I want to be licensed in order to help people in a professional capacity. I have so many loves that many people call me “A Jack of all trades”. I am learning to embrace that aspect about myself and use that to my advantage. Wellness really starts from within. 

10. Are you afraid of things that you may not achieve? 

  • Absolutely! However, I had a conversation with someone, who told me that “The things you don’t achieve shouldn’t be considered failures but just stepping stones towards the goals you truly intend to achieve.”

11. Top sponsors you would like to work with? 

  • I would love the opportunity to collaborate with many brands. There are a few that may come to mind but I mostly want to work with brands who see my vision for what the cosmetic field needs to be and how we as brands can have an impact on making it better for consumers and bring products that overall benefit everyone.  

12. Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • I sincerely see myself expanding and growing, as a founder of this brand, I see myself making mistakes but learning from them. I see myself collaborating with other amazing brands. I see myself having friends and family that can say that they are truly proud of the things I have been through and overcome. I want to be more than what I pictured for myself in the past.

13. What does the end of your professional or content creation career look like to you?

  • I am not sure I can say I see an end. I feel as if content creation or development of this brand is who I am. I know I am speaking based on this point in time of my life. But I know that there are people who do look forward to seeing some of my content and it brings them joy and I can't picture myself not wanting to fulfill that feeling for those people or anyone who is looking for a person that has beliefs or personality such as mine.